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As an experienced care provider, we understand that provision of care extends far beyond physically having a carer by your side. We also know that when family, friends or carers leave, you still need peace of mind that you’re not alone. This is why we provide our Wellbeing Lifeline pendants and other assistive technology products; to keep you safe in case of an emergency at home.

Our Wellbeing Lifeline pendants and assistive technology products increase your safety and quality of life. They offer you extra support, and also reassure your loved ones when they can’t be there. For many people, these products and devices can be the difference between being able to independently stay living at home and having long-term care.

All of our products are manufactured by Tunstall Healthcare and are backed by a specialist team who are connected to a 24/7, UK based emergency response centre. We already look after the needs of thousands of people, each with very different, individual circumstances and long-term care needs, from dementia or impaired mental capacity to heart disease, diabetes and epilepsy, so we are best placed to advise on the best products to suit your requirements.

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Wellbeing Lifeline is suitable for anyone who:

  • Lives alone
  • Doesn’t have regular visitors
  • Is elderly or less mobile
  • Might be at risk of falling
  • Is worried about intruders or crime
  • Cares for someone

What Is Wellbeing Lifeline?

As we get older, independence becomes even more important to us, although it can also become more challenging. Our Wellbeing Lifeline pendants provide you and your loved ones with the comfort of knowing that there’s always someone there if you need it; giving you the confidence to remain independent, not dependent.

Wellbeing Lifeline is a nationwide pendant alarm service, backed by a specialist team who are connected to a 24/7, UK based emergency response centre. It is designed to provide rapid, responsive assistance for vulnerable people – all you need to do is press the button on your pendant and you’re through to our team.

We understand that whilst you might not need round the clock care, accidents happen and having a process in place to deal with them can make all the difference. Our Wellbeing Lifeline has been proven to make a real difference to the quality of life of not just the people who use it, but their families and loved ones too. Knowing that you are safe means they can worry less, and focus on making great memories with you, as your family member not your carer.

What’s Included In The Wellbeing Lifeline plan?

  • Lifeline Vi Alarm
  • Winter Chills Alert
  • A Wireless LifeLine
  • MyAmie Pendant
  • Wrist strap and belt clip
  • Neck lanyard
  • Ambient temperature sensor with adjustable settings
  • A 3 year back to base warranty

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How Does Wellbeing Lifeline Work?

Using our Wellbeing Lifeline couldn’t be easier. Our tested and trusted process is proven to keep people safe, and to be a quick and effective way of getting help to you, should you need it.

Other Products

We’re experts in knowing which care and levels of support people need; everyone is different and needs vary from person to person – which is why we are best placed to advise on the most suitable products for you.

Alarm Linked Smoke Detectors

Our trusted smoke detectors provide you with additional protection at home.  A local, early warning alarm will be triggered as well as an alarm transmitted to our dedicated Wellbeing Lifeline team at the monitoring centre.  They will telephone you and your emergency contacts immediately.

Alarm Linked Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide leaking from gas appliances can be difficult to uncover without a detecting system in place. Our Carbon Monoxide detectors accurately pick up on unsafe levels, and just like our smoke detectors, this triggers an alarm within your home as well as a call through to our monitoring centre.

Key Safes

Key safes are ideal for users of Wellbeing Lifeline pendants, as they provide a quickly accessible spare key on site at home. They give you peace of mind that if emergency services need access to your home, they can do so quickly by accessing a key securely locked away outside your property. To gain access to the key safe, they will need to gain the passcode from our team – so you needn’t worry about it falling into unintended hands. We can quickly relay combination access codes to emergency services personnel, saving you vital minutes in emergency situations where rapid access to your home is vital.

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