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At Caring Hands Group we’re here to help people live an independent and fulfilling life, whatever challenges they face.
Our care can take many different forms, from personal care and companionship to specialised services for people living with complex conditions. Our approach puts you and your family at its heart, as we work with you to create your own unique, flexible care plan.
Building meaningful relationships is also central to our approach. We invest in our carers so they feel valued and motivated in their roles. Our low staff turnover means you can count on consistency and continuity – helping relationships between clients and carers to flourish.

It all means you will never feel like another box on a checklist – but an individual with your own needs and wants, which we will always try our hardest to meet.
Contact us today to discuss how we can help you and your family lead the life you want, whatever your individual circumstances.

Why Choose Wellbeing Home Care?

Wellbeing Home Care is a brand new way of delivering home care within the UK. Backed up by research and studies from around the globe, Caring Hands is amongst the first to apply this revolutionary attitude towards home care offerings.

  • All of our Wellbeing Workers are industry leaders, with a passion for delivering great care
  • We work with you to enrich your life and increase your quality of life
  • Recieve the support you need to achieve things which are important to you
  • Your home care package will always be unique to you – you’ll never be given a ‘from the box’ solution
  • You and your loved ones will always be at the heart of every decision which is made
  • Our workers do not have tight timeslots, quotas or management demands to fulfill

Wellbeing Home Care

From experience in more than six years of delivering exceptional homecare, we know that homecare providers can’t always adapt to provide the service that people want and expect. That’s why we have embraced a new concept called Wellbeing Homecare, which offers a more flexible approach to supporting your needs and helping you live the life you want.


Our innovative, step-by-step process finds out what matters most to you, enabling us to deliver a service that’s as individual as you are. Whether you require help with personal care, getting dressed, taking medication, meal preparation, household tasks or social interactions and activities, Caring Hands can create a bespoke homecare solution which empowers you to live your life to the fullest.


Our Wellbeing Workers are highly trained, experienced individuals, with a passion for improving people’s quality of life. Together with them, we’ve re-written what we think ‘care plans’ should look like. Our approach is not just about ensuring you are safe and healthy, but aims to enrich your life too.


Unlike other agencies, our experienced Wellbeing Workers do not have to work to tight timeslots, are not under pressure to meet quotas, and don’t need to get authorisation from management when circumstances change because we believe they know you and your situation best.

Our Wellbeing Workers provide support to people in their own home to live the life they want.

We don’t have traditional management structures, as we believe that the high-quality, highly-trained Wellbeing Workers who work directly you are the best-placed people to make everyday decisions.

Our Wellbeing Workers don’t have set timeslots or quotas to fill, because your wellbeing needs won’t always fit to a tight timetable. Instead, they work flexibly to support you.

Senior woman with tablet sitting on sofa next to her happy granddaughter.

Who Is Wellbeing Home Care for?

Wellbeing Home Care is for anyone who requires extra help to carry out general daily activities, or to live their life the way they want to. It is ideal for people who want to retain their independence and a high level of personal freedom, and do not require a high level of around the clock care. Wellbeing Home Care is for you if you are comfortable and safe living alone, but you:

  • Need additional help carrying out certain activities and tasks
  • Require extra assistance to leave the house
  • Would benefit from companionship
  • Want to give your family peace of mind knowing that there is someone there to help

Who Are Wellbeing Workers?

Wellbeing Workers are highly experienced individuals that are driven and passionate when it comes to keeping you safe. With an abundance of experience delivering numerous different types of care, they are a tight-knit with a real passion for tailoring care to suit every individual person.

We take a fresh approach when it comes to sourcing our Wellbeing Workers; we attract the very best talent in the industry because we’re at the forefront of it. At Caring Hands we don’t believe in traditional management structures. Mostly, we don’t believe in decisions being made for you by people in offices that don’t understand your needs. Although, we do believe in high-quality home care, delivered by highly-trained Wellbeing Workers who work with you on a regular basis, making your decisions with you at the centre of them.


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